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Absolute Sanctuary

Welcome to Absolute Sanctuary

GIVE YOURSELF THE GIFT OF WELLING BEING at the new opened ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY, Thailand's Premier Detox & Yoga Resort, on Koh Samui, Island.

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ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY is a stunning, Moroccan-inspired boutique resort designed specifically with your wellbeing in mind.

Blending luxurious accommodation with a wide range of vibrant detoxification programs, inspiring yoga retreats, spa-based healing therapies and a health-food restaurant serving tantalizing, nutritious cuisine, ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY caters to those seeking a journey back to balance, rejuvenation and wellness.





Whether it's all this you're after or if you just want to escape and unwind, come immerse yourself in the tranquility of a tropical island, indulge tint the comforts of modern amenities and embark on a fulfilling journey, the benefits of which we guarantee will last you a lifetime!



ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY is Thailands Premier Detox & Yoga Resort located on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. Blending luxurious accommodation with a wide range of vibrant detoxification programs, yoga classes and other dynamic therapies, ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY caters to those seeking a journey back to balance, rejuvenation and wellness.

Our Mission is to help you re-fuel with good energy, exquisite nutritious cuisine and healing body therapies. Our Hope is that you will continue to lead a healthy and happy life long after your journey with us here at ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY.

Re-ignite your passion, commit to becoming your optimal self and discover the joys of prolonged, healthy living!

Inspired by the stunning architecture of Morocco, ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY boasts 38 luxurious rooms, each featuring vibrant yet soothing color themes, unique decorative details and modern amenities to ensure that you never want for anything. ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY is nestled into the hillside with a stunning views of the Gulf of Thailand on Cheong Mon Peninsula.

All of our elegantly spacious rooms feature comfortable beds and linens, en-suite bathrooms with stylish tiling, air conditioning & ceiling fan, desk, safe, mini-fridge, hair dryers, telephone and a small terrace where you can relax and enjoy the view. We provide a range of locally made bathroom amenities with which you can pamper yourself even more.

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Live Kitchen

The Love Kitchen at Absolute Sanctuary is a testimony that healthy food can be deliciously satisfying.

The Love Kitchen presents a new dining option catering to all as our menu not only serves to support those who are on a detox program or vegetarian diet, but also those who want a non-vegetarian meal done in healthy and tasteful styles. From innovative vegetarian dishes to seafood & meats done in tantalizing ways, we promise you a unique dining experience.





The Love Kitchen serves breakfast, lunch and dinner entrees every day either in its air-conditioned indoor seating area, its outdoor seating area or in the comfort of your own room. And to complement our full menu, we also offer tantalizing concoctions of freshly squeezed juices, invigorating smoothies and "smart drinks" boosted with the highest-quality supplements. Just another way to recharge, refresh and revitalize!





For special events or groups, we can happily accommodate special menus and meal requests.

Our dishes are light, clean and focused on the inherent natural flavors of the key ingredients with every dish meeting a variety of dietary and/or nutritional goals. We use organic ingredients whenever possible.

From sea salt to sesame oil, everything has been carefully selected for taste, quality and, above all, freshness.

Detox Holiday

Why Detox ?

DID YOU KNOW? The average person has 3-6 kilos of impacted fecal matter sitting in their colon making them look and feel bloated and rundown.




Our environment has become so polluted with toxins through the air we breathe, the water we drink, much of the food we eat, that our natural self-cleansing process is no longer sufficient to fully eliminate them from our body.

Think of the colon as the sewage system of the body. If toxins in the colon are allowed to build up they will enter into the bloodstream and eventually overload the organs of the body, affecting our immune system and may lead to diseases and accelerated ageing.

It is important to help our bodies get rid of unwanted, harmful substances through periodic detoxification.

When Detox ?

A detox program can be undertaken at anytime. Some signs that detoxification is needed include:

* Weight Gain
* Joint & muscle stiffness
* Lack of energy
* Poor digestion
* Insomnia
* Protruding abdomen
* Allergies
* Constipation/diarrhea
* Fatigue and depression
* Skin blemishes, dark circles under eyes

Rejuvenating Holidays

Spa Details

Spa Details

Foot Massage

Spa Details

Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Spa Details

Yoga Classes

With our years of experience in running ABSOLUTE YOGA in Thailand and Singapore, ABSOLUTE SANCTUARY is positioned to be a leader in offering classes, workshops, retreats & teacher training, linking avid students with world renowned gurus and teachers to learn from and interact with each other.





JUICE BAR: Our juice bar, located just behind the pool, serves delicious concoctions of freshly squeezed juices, smoothies and energy boosters to help you refresh and revitalize.

OPENING HOURS: 7 am to 8 pm

We have an air-conditioned Mini Theater where you can watch related programs on health and nutrition. We show movies daily for all guests to relax and enjoy some of Hollywood's latest selections! Our Mini-theatre can also be used as a conference room for events.


STEAM ROOM: There is nothing better than a good sweat to detoxify yourself, and our steam room provides you a place where you can do just that.

OPENING HOURS: 8 am to 9 pm

FREE WIRELESS INTERNET: There is free wireless Internet service throughout the resort to cater to your business and personal needs. is a registered travel agent with the Tourism Authority of Thailand.